Attic Insulation and Rodent Proofing in Inglewood

Attic Insulation and Rodent Proofing in Inglewood

Why attic insulation matters:

  • Slows heat transmission
  • Conserves energy
  • Reduces temperature variations in the living space (increases comfort)
  • Helps reduce overall home heating and cooling loads
  • Extends equipment life 

As a bonus, attic insulation can reduce noise and vibration throughout the home. Depending on the type of insulation you use, it can also add structural strength and improve your home’s fire resistance.

The science behind attic insulation:

Heat passes all too easily through a poorly insulated attic. In the winter, heated interior air rises naturally by convection and escapes into the attic through air leaks. Conductive heat loss through the cold ceiling makes rooms directly beneath the attic even colder. The problem reverses on a hot summer day, as attic temperatures rise to the 140-degree range and heat moves into your living space.

Attic insulation slows both conduction and convection. Insulation traps air, which makes it more difficult for heat to travel from space to space. Insulation R-value is a measurement of its effectiveness in accomplishing that task. The higher the R-value, the stronger the insulation.

Home Decontamination Service Inglewood

For the millions of people that live in Inglewood many of you have learned of some of its wonderful perks and some of you have come to fear the heat during the summer season, but one thing that many people would rather not talk about is the rodent population. It can be a great place to live and raise a family, but keeping your home rodent-free can be a whole different story if you are from Inglewood.

When considering new insulation installation or home retrofit insulation, many Inglewood homeowners wonder if removing the old insulation first is necessary. Can you add new insulation on top? The answer, in many cases, is yes. You can often leave old insulation in place ― but not always. Here, we’ll explain the deciding factors, along with proper home insulation practices.

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