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Do You Know If Your Crawl Space Needs Insulation?

The majority of homeowners understand how insulation is necessary for their homes. Although they know how important it is, most homeowners are not as knowledgeable about insulation and its importance. Ensuring your that it has adequate insulation allows a huge list of benefits from making your life easier, AND saving you tons of money.

Here are common signs you might need to consider installing crawl space insulation:

  • Shifts in indoor temperatures
  • Above-average heating or cooling bills
  • Animal, rodent, or pest infestations
  • Damp, moldy, or old insulation 
  • Indoor drafts


What Are the Benefits Of Crawl Space Insulation?

There are lots of advantages that can bring to your home alongside the best advantage: having your entire home properly insulated. Here are some of the most common benefits:


Cost Savings:

If your insulation is compromised, lacking, or falling apart, it causes your HVAC to work overtime. This could result in higher cooling and heating bills. After your insulation is properly installed you should have lowered energy costs.


Healthier Air Quality:

Proper insulation in your crawl space affects the air quality of your home almost immediately in the most positive way. Cleaner insulation allows odors and harmful toxins to stay out of your home.


Superior Comfort:

When it lacks adequate insulation, it causes unnecessary drafts and uncomfortable colder floors. These issues can be extremely unfavorable in the wintertime.


Types Of Crawl Space Insulation

Once you decide to install insulation you must decide which type of insulation will best fit your crawl space. But don’t fret, our professionals will help you choose.

Your home’s needs will directly affect the insulation that you will choose. Fortunately, with Neo Attic Solutions, we are well versed in all insulation and have all the necessary tools to help you decide what your home needs. The most common types of insulation for crawl spaces are listed below:


Batt and Roll

Batt and roll insulation is also known as “blanket insulation.” It resembles cotton candy and gets spread out to fir through joists, studs, and beams. Although it’s not always as effective as blown-in or lose-fill insulation in specific situations, it is a more cost-effective solution that will help slow down cold or heat from transferring up into your home. If it is properly maintained, batt and roll insulation can last you years.


Foam Board

Foam board insulation is air-tight, doesn’t absorb moisture, and is resistant to mold, making it the ideal insulation for crawl spaces. Foam board insulation for crawl spaces is extremely affordable and productive.


Neo Attic Solutions’ Professionals in California

Our experts understand that crawl space insulation is as strong as its weakest points. Our team will target the most vulnerable spots effectively and ensure that there are zero weaknesses left. During the installation, we guarantee your walls, floors, and joists will be properly insulated.

Let our professional team improve the quality of your crawl space and home by keeping out moisture, air drafts, pests, and rodents all while keeping the cool or hot air inside.

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