Attic Insulation and Rodent Proofing in Valley Village

The average home in Valley Village was built in 1970. If you thought the air quality in Valley Village was bad outside have you ever considered the air quality that you breathe in your home? If you have a rodent or pest problem the air you are breathing inside can be even worse than the air you breathe outside. Rodents leave behind odors and bacteria that linger in the air and can even make you sick. Our team can help purify indoor air by cleaning your home and making sure that rodent droppings and rodent-related damage does not compromise air quality levels. Protect yourself and your family to ensure you are living in a clean home.

For the millions of people that live in Valley Village many of you have learned of some of its wonderful perks and some of you have come to fear the heat during the summer season, but one thing that many people would rather not talk about is the rodent population. It can be a great place to live and raise a family, but keeping your home rodent-free can be a whole different story if you are from the Valley.

Common Problems for Residents with Rodent Issues

  • Attic or crawlspace noises
  • Excessive foundation digging
  • Bad smells in walls and or vents of your home

If you think you can curtail the issue by simply buying a few mouse and rat traps, think again. If your rodent problem is more than a few weeks old, you will likely need a professional Valley Village Rodent Control specialist company. Our company is known for our home decontamination services in Valley Village with our company headquarters directly in Sherman Oaks. We look forward to helping you!

Rat Exterminator Valley Village

When you are dealing with a pest control problem in Valley Village it is never fun. Often times many people may believe that they have a mouse problem when actually their home has a rat problem. Our technicians will be able to come out to your residents and help identify exactly what type of problem you are dealing with. Rodent control requires professional equipment in order to properly deal with your specific problem. Identify is the first step to being able to help you live in a rodent-free home. At Neo Attic Solutions, we are the leading Valley Village rat extermination company. After we have properly accessed the problem, we will then recommend a solution and provide you with the

assurance that we will get the job done correctly the first time by backing up our services with our five-year guarantee!

Mice Exterminators in Valley Village

Mice are unfortunately quite a common problem if you live in the valley. These little pests can sneak in through tiny and often unnoticeable small cracks around the ventilation system of your home. Our Valley Village mice exterminators focus on finding a permanent solution to resolve your mice issues. Our Valley Village rodent proofing experts will not only remove the rodents from your home, but we will also do a proper and full cleanup to remove all odors that will keep the mice from coming back just a few weeks or months later. We will cover all the entry points into your home to ensure you are living in a mice-free home for peace of mind for years to come!

Attic Cleanup Valley Village

Attics and tight storage places in your home are a haven for rodents. These dark and often undisturbed areas of your home are the perfect place for rats or mice to make their new home. Once they have set up their breeding areas it will require the proper Valley Village attic mice removal team in order to ensure that the problem is taken care of once and all for good. Our attic cleanup Valley Village team will completely decontaminate the area that has been infested. Our rodent clean-up Valley Village services are unmatched by our competition because we offer one-time solutions backed by a 5-year rodent-free guarantee with all the work we perform.

Neo Attic Solutions is an independent, family-owned, and local rodent clean-up and control company. We proudly service all of the Los Angeles greater metropolitan area focusing on helping residents live in a rat and mice-free environment. Our services include rodent control, pest prevention, rodent removal and clean-up, attic cleaning, and attic decontamination. Our friendly staff is ready to serve in order to help you permanently solve your rodent issue. Let us do the dirty work, so you don’t have to.

Contact Neo Attic Solutions to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We can look into your attic and crawl spaces to identify what if anything would make a difference for your comfort and peace of mind.

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