Attic Insulation and Rodent Proofing in Valley Glen

Attic Insulation and Rodent Proofing in Valley Glen

The average home in Valley Glen was built in 1964.Insulation is a key player in your home’s energy system. Sufficient, geo-specific insulation can reduce your home’s energy spending because it reduces heating/cooling costs. When you consider that 40% to 70% of a home’s energy consumption is directed towards heating/cooling – air sealing and insulation becomes a significant priority. 

While insulation can be installed in DIY fashion, it’s not recommended. Firstly, insulating attics, walls and crawl spaces isn’t an easy task, and it takes non-professional contractors far longer than blogs or YouTube videos may indicate. Replacing insulation also requires a level of agility and physical ability (not to mention tolerance for small, enclosed spaces) that a DIYer may not have or be able to sustain. You may wind up spending money – and hours – attempting the feat, only to cease the project and hire a professional anyway.

Best Practices for Adding Home Insulation In Valley Glen

Our insulation professionals follow these established industry practices to ensure you get the best performance and highest level of energy efficiency from your insulation installation.

When adding new insulation, remember these tips:

  • Vapor barriers: Do not install insulation with a vapor barrier or facing on top of any other insulation because doing so causes condensation/moisture in an area that should remain dry.
  • Roll or batt insulation: This type of insulation (typically fiberglass or cellulose insulation) can be added over existing insulation, provided it’s installed perpendicular to joists. Do not tack down roll or batt insulation because compacting reduces its effectiveness, or R-value.
  • Loose-fill insulation: This can be added on top of old insulation.
  • Whole-house air sealing: This is an ideal first step before installing insulation because leakage can reduce energy efficiency and compromise your home comfort.

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