Attic Insulation and Rodent Proofing in Reseda

Attic Insulation and Rodent Proofing in Reseda. The average home in Reseda was built in 1963. When was the last time your HVAC air ducts were cleaned or inspected? If you’re like most homeowners, the answer is, “not since the day the HVAC contractor finished the job.” Cleaning the ducts every few years keeps them free of dust, mold spores, pollen, and other particulate matter that gets into the forced air systems and compromises indoor air quality. Ducts can also separate at the seams, segments come apart, or the insulation comes undone (assuming they’re insulated at all; they might not be if you live in an older home). These issues are repaired at the same time. 

Attic Insulation Services in Reseda, CA

Neo Attic Solutions takes great care to ensure that the insulation products we use are of the highest quality, and are the best fit for our clients for any given project. Whether you’re looking for the most environmentally friendly solution — cellulose insulation made from recycled newspaper, for example — or the highest R-value, highest performance insulation products on the market like open and closed cell spray foam, we have the products to meet your needs. We understand that different buildings have different needs, and that each of our clients has a unique set of goals. That’s why we’re happy to work with our customers to determine the best options for a given project.  

We offer rigid foam exterior insulation for deep energy retrofits. We offer blown in cellulose attic insulation for existing homes and new construction. We offer open and closed cell spray foam insulation for renovations and new construction. We offer traditional fiberglass batt and blown fiberglass insulation, as well, for those scenarios where this is the best option. 

Types of Fiberglass Insulation

You can find fiberglass in several different forms. At Neo Attic Solutions, we install:

  • Batt fiberglass: Pre-cut panels of fiberglass insulation are called batts. These are available with or without facings in various widths for use in unfinished walls, floors and ceilings. 
  • Blanket fiberglass: Blankets are similar to batts, but they come in long rolls that you can trim by hand to fit any required length. Choose from faced or unfaced versions for different applications. As with batts, fiberglass blankets are often best suited for new construction projects. 
  • Blown-in fiberglass: Whether you want to add insulation to an unfinished attic floor or you’re hoping to boost insulation within a finished wall, blown-in fiberglass is an excellent choice. Specialized equipment is needed to blow the fibers into place, so make sure you hire a professional for the job. 

Contact Neo Attic Solutions to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We can look into your attic and crawl spaces to identify what if anything would make a difference for your comfort and peace of mind. 

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