Attic Insulation and Rodent Proofing in Hawthorne

Attic Insulation and Rodent Proofing in Hawthorne: It is easier than you think to provide a safe and comfortable environment for rodents in your house. They like to nestle in your attic where it is dark and uninhabited by humans. Once they are settled in they leave behind excrement. If you are dealing with a pest problem or have in the past call our Hawthorne attic cleanup to receive a complimentary attic inspection. Our attic mice removal professionals will clean up your attic and leave it in a sanitary state to avoid any further rodent infestation.

Hawthorne is a beautiful smaller town located just north of downtown Los Angeles. Although the population of Hawthorne is not as high as other cities in Los Angeles, and the valley is described as rural, that does not mean that rodents will not find a home to live there too. The town attracts locals and residents of nearby locations to spend a day picnicking and exploring the city, leaving behind scraps of food and trash that attract rodents and keep them in town. Unfortunately, the rodents will not just simply stay in the picnic area, but will quickly over-populate the area and then move into your home making it their home as well, because there they are provided with food that is easily found, nesting areas, and safety. On the first signs of rodents in your house, you should call the rodent control team to have our well-trained Hawthorne rodent clean-up team permanently remove the infestation from your home.

Benefits of Insulation Removal

The benefits of insulation removal and replacement are numerous, including:

  • A healthier home, free of uninvited mold, odors, and animals.
  • Less wear and tear on HVAC systems.
  • Lower monthly utility bills.
  • Lower carbon footprint.
  • Increased home resale value.

Hawthorne Indoor Clean Air

It might seem nice and neat after our Hawthorne attic cleanup team has finished its work. But do not forget about the polluted air from the germs that the rodents leave behind. Ingesting germs left by rodents may lead to diseases or allergies. Make sure to call our Hawthorne home decontamination service. With the right equipment, the air in your home will soon be pure again, and you will not have to worry about every breath you take.

Any insulation material will help you reduce your energy bills and the carbon footprint of your home (which has a positive impact on the environment), but if you want the most eco-friendly insulation, consider installing cellulose insulation at your home in the DC metro area. Fiberglass insulation is another material that can be reused after the initial installation and is recyclable. It can be removed easily and put back in place. Fiberglass can also be reclaimed from demolition debris and recycled into a new product.

Neo Attic Solutions is an independent, family-owned, local rodent clean up and control company. We proudly service all of the Los Angeles greater metropolitan area focusing on helping residents live in rat and mouse-free environments. Our services include rodent control, pest prevention, rodent removal and clean up, attic cleaning and attic decontamination. Our friendly staff is ready to serve in order to help you permanently solve your rodent issue. Let us do the dirty work, so you don’t have to.

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