Attic Insulation and Rodent Proofing in Beverly Hills

Attic Insulation and Rodent Proofing in Beverly Hills. So how do you know if your home is under-insulated? You may be experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Indoor drafts
  • Ice dams & icicles
  • Inconsistent room to room temperatures
  • Unexpectedly high energy bills

There may also be some areas of your home that are under-insulated that you cannot detect with just your naked eye. This is where a professional diagnostic home assessment comes in, called an energy audit. Assured Insulation will use an infrared camera to find the areas in your walls, attic, and crawl space where your insulation has deteriorated, or where there just isn’t enough insulation to keep your home comfortable. We will also use a blower door test to determine if there are any air leaks in your home that are allowing additional outside air to infiltrate and undermine your indoor temperatures. After your energy audit, we will remove your outdated insulation and prepare your home for the installation of your new insulation materials.

Attic Cleanup Beverly Hills

A clean home can help you keep rodents out for good. While you may clean your home on a regular basis, there are certain areas that you might routinely overlook. These areas, like the attic, can become extremely dirty after rats and mice spend time there since they leave behind germs that you cannot quickly detect. Our attic cleaning company serving Beverly Hills will help you clean up after your rodent problem is gone by replacing insulation and disinfecting to restore your home to a hygienic state. Attic mice removal for your Beverly Hills home is not an easy task, but we make sure to do a thorough job so that your mouse problem does not return anytime soon.

When you hire an attic insulation contractor in Beverly Hills, you expect your home to become more affordable to heat and cool. However, the effectiveness of your attic insulation depends on its R-value. Here’s a look at exactly what R-value means and the factors that impact its real-world effectiveness.

What Is R-Value?

R-value is an efficiency rating for insulation. It refers to a particular insulation’s ability to resist heat flow. R-values vary based on:

  • Material
  • Density
  • Thickness

The higher the value, the more insulating ability the product has. To achieve a higher attic insulation R-value, simply add another layer of insulation.

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